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The Disorderly Princess and the Fiery Steed

Hinata is too shy for her own good. Ranma is too brash for his. They live in different universes and will never meet. How the heck did they come to be helping one another?

The Story

A Game Is Fine Too

A lot of people have written grossly out-of-character stories wherein Ranma has some sort of sexual encounter with another male. One in particular, the memory of which still makes me ill, was so bad it was basically a rape fantasy. Yecch. I decline to besmirch this page by writing that disgusting so-called story’s vile name here, in hopes of denying it any measure of legitimacy by citation.

In any case, after reading the start of an especially egregious thread (the name of which I shall likewise withhold) on Bast’s Anime Addventure, I wondered if it was possible — purely from a technical standpoint — to achieve such an encounter without involving repugnant material like rape, Ranma developing an implausible taste for males, or similar. I don’t know how well I succeeded, but here is the result.

The Story


A hopefully fresh permutation of the elements in a Ranma ½ / Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon crossover.

The Story Itself

Fan Art

All items listed below may also be found, at approximately 50% size, embedded in the story.

I’m tremendously chuffed to have received fan anything, let alone such wonderful stuff as this. If you should be inspired, feel free to try your hand at drawing something yourself!

From the many-talented J. St. C. Patrick:

From ChaosTeacup of #Fukufics (on irc.lunarnet.org):

Miscellaneous Fragments

I have a number of story seeds on my hard drive. The most complete of them, meaning any which have substantially complete opening scenes, are listed below. Do not expect these to be expanded upon with any great rapidity.

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